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With over 18 years of trusted industry experience, Sound Power + Lighting is one of the few hybrid electrical contractors that offers a full line of services to all of Eastern Long Island.

The client was in need of a complete overhaul of their already existing brand; including logo, messaging & copywriting, collateral, office art, van wraps and website design.


Brand Development
Experiential Design
Digital Design
Creative Direction

The client came to us because they loved our design aesthetic, and knew that we would deliver a beautiful, modern and sophisticated product. They wanted their new website to look like it was from the art or design world. The last thing they wanted, was for it to look like just another electrical contractor site.

Once in the sketching phase, we started to play around with letter the S — eventually creating three lines, with the middle one slightly elevated, and then three more underneath those, with the middle one slightly sunken. Then connecting the lines to form the S shape. This proved to be the beginning of what would become the Sound logo.

The S would prove to be a beautiful design element, that would provide texture, especially when enlarged and broken into pieces. We decided that as another piece of the logo, it would make sense to put a positive and negative charge next to the mark, and encapsulate the entire mark with a hexagon to create a shield that would work well on shirts, vans and printed collateral.

For the brand messaging, we decided to pick apart the name of the company, piece by piece. We came away with the idea that you HEAR SOUND, FEEL POWER and SEE LIGHTING. Eventually creating Hear, see and feel the difference.

The pattern came to fruition by taking the stripes of the peak of the S, and elongating the lines to create geometric steps. We joked with the client, as we both grew up in the same era and had a deep love of video games, that it looked a bit like Q-bert, and he was more than happy with the result.

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