Work done while at Zoyes Creative Group

Atwell is a full-service consulting, engineering, and construction services firm. With offices throughout North America, Atwell provides extensive creative solutions to clients in real estate, development and energy industries.

We helped with the execution of the brand revitalization, including multiple environmental design elements and website coinciding with the renovation of their Michigan headquarters.


Experiential Design
Digital Design
Creative Direction

For Atwell’s renovated corporate headquarters we created a dynamic set of environmental elements designed to enhance and activate each space. Brand-specific designs like the media/artifact wall and stainless-steel back-lit logo, adorn the main lobby and a new, employee-dedicated lounge, while more conceptual, abstract pieces accent the board room and executive waiting area.

The client wanted a piece of art in their meeting space. Together, we decided that we would showcase a map of the original headquarters, and would do it topographically. We created layers using polyurethane foam and different shades of brand-specific gray denoting the landscape, and red color representing the headquarters.

The client also asked for a piece of art that they could hang on the wall in their Executive Waiting Area, and thinking back to previous meetings with the client, we remembered that the logo mark was inspired by a geometric shape called a mobius. The end result was a very cool stainless steel geometric piece, with walnut wooden triangle center, backlit with LED lighting to give vibrance and ambiance.

Lastly, the client wanted something fun and participatory in their employee lounge. We came up with the idea of asking each employee, “What drives you?” and “What are you passionate about?”. We would take their answers and 3D print them, and hang them on the wall in the shape of the company namesake.

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