Exploration, imagination,
and heart.

Our Values

Design has the power to influence change; change in perception, change in how we emote, change in how we move and navigate our lives. There’s something in the exploration of the beauty within, or in our surroundings, then taking that beauty, and creating depth and understanding.

Elevated Design

Design with intention, and always elevate your thinking. This is always at the forefront of our mind when working with clients. How can we lift the concept from where it currently is, and make it better.

Building Connections

The Designer/Client relationship is a special one. Whether you are building a business from scratch, or refreshing an existing brand, it’s our job to ask the right questions to get to the heart of the project. 


Through processes like the personalized Brand Workshop, we can discover the cohesive narrative that weaves together the facts and emotions that your brand evokes.

About the Founder

As a kid growing up in Stony Brook, NY, my favorite word was “IMAGINE.” I constantly asked friends and family, “Imagine if this happened?” or “Imagine if that happened?” I sought to get lost in the wonder that was life — building forts, drawing maps, and daring to dream about what was possible.

When it comes to the way I design, not much has changed; I still like to get lost in the world of possibility. I love helping people find their voice and tell their story through different mediums. Connecting people through design has been a driving force in my life for over a decade. I lead my life and my projects with empathy, honesty, vulnerability, and heart. This is where true connection is made—between me and my clients, and between my clients and their audience.

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I have a B.A. in Graphic Design with a minor in Business Communications from Baruch College, in Manhattan. After graduating, I secured an Internship at Milton Glaser Incorporated, the iconic designer who created the “I Love NY” logo, where I learned about the art of design, as well as the business. I also learned about life, harsh feedback, and meditation. I then started Bryan Mendez Design. Over the past 10 years I have worked with some of the most brilliant creative minds there are,  in many industries along the spectrum, including Architecture, Advertising, Traditional, Digital and Experiential Marketing Agencies, as well as Branding and 3D Printing Agencies, and spent time in the Healthcare industry as well. The whole time working, learning, collaborating, leading and always being a student of life.

Currently I live in Austin, TX. (South Congress—a short walk across Lady Bird Lake from downtown Austin.)

Bryan Mendez


“Great design is an interesting thing;
Sometimes you don’t even know it’s there,
and other times you can’t get it out of your head.”

Bryan Mendez

Founder, Bryan Mendez Design

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