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Bryan Mendez Design is an Austin-based Design Consultancy whose passion lies in bridging the gap between you and the heart of your consumer. From Brand Development and Digital Design, to Sales Environments and Corporate Interiors, our approach is deeply rooted in the belief that “Everyone has a unique story to tell — let us help you tell yours”.

What Sets Us Apart

We look at design the same way we look at life — your brand is a living and breathing thing, and just like our lives evolve and grow over time, so will your brand.

Just because the project deliverables have been completed, doesn’t mean the work is done. By teaming up with Bryan Mendez Design, you become a client for life, which means that we will always be there for you, and we will forever be evolving together.  

Featured Work

Ford – VDCC

High East Cannabis Co


Brands We’ve Worked With

Over the past decade or so, whether it was freelance or full-time, we have had the privilege of working on amazing projects for some pretty great brands. Here are a few you might have heard of.

Working with Bryan is an inspiring experience. One of his many gifts is setting up a respectful creative environment between Designer and Client where ideas can flow and everyone feels heard and encouraged to ask questions. He has a genuine eagerness to learn new things and is constantly thinking about how to take a project from good to great. He is a truly incredible collaborator, leader and creative thinker for whom I have tremendous respect and admiration.

Katy Denning

Founder, Cleese + Co

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