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Work done while at VMLY&R

The Vehicle Data Control Center (VDCC) is Ford Motor Company’s “One Source of Truth” for all things data. It provides Ford Leadership access to all vehicle data, including feature usage, product health, and customer information.

We were brought in to create a brand for the VDCC, as well as help design the User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) of various components of the dashboard website, in order to get key stakeholder buy-in and push the work forward. NO REAL DATA IS BEING SHOWN.


Brand Development
Digital Design
Data Visualization
Creative Direction

The logo was inspired by connection and flow — the connection of the data and the users of the VDCC platform, and the flow of information from the people driving Ford’s vehicles to those in charge of making informed decisions based on that information.

The logo went through a few iterations. Below are the concepts we showed the client, before landing on the final VDCC logotype.

During our discovery phase, we dove deep into the world of data, and numbers, as well as technology and human interaction, and what we came with, was the idea that while data can be hard and cold at times, there’s a sense of warmth and “Beauty in Numbers“. We then started thinking about numbers in nature, as well as the end user, and wrote the following copy

To create a sense of depth and movement, and give the concept life, we produced a short video, using the copy above as the script.

We also designed the user interface for the dashboard. We created a Homepage, a Product Ecosystem page, and a Customer Profile page. NO REAL DATA IS BEING SHOWN.

Ford has many internal products within Web, Vehicle and Mobile, and each product has a score based on certain criteria. Upon first glance on the Homepage, the user can see the health of the products, through color-coding and a grading system. Once a product is chosen (in this case SYNC), it brings the user to the product page, where they can find out why that product has a certain grade/color. Upon each click, a new layer is revealed, leading the user quickly and efficiently to the problem that needs their attention.

“Bryan’s expertise in branding and ability to visually tell a story about the nuances of the product were incredible. He is a great teammate and a visionary, and I’d recommend working with him to anyone”

Anne Goering

Electrification Group Product Manager, Ford Motor Company

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