Porchlight Properties


Porchlight Properties, a real estate company whose mission is to add value to the communities of New Haven County, CT. Along with creating the brand messaging, we were tasked with designing a fun, approachable visual identity and color palette.


Brand Development
Digital Design
Creative Direction

The team at Porchlight is fun, energetic and active, and the company culture fosters a deep understanding of the balance of work and play. The ask was to design a set of visuals that mirrored their company values; dedication, exploration and adventure, while still remaining light enough to be easily approachable.

After going through the Brand Workshop, it was revealed that the client wanted the brand to be tailored around the team’s love for the great outdoors. One of the key inspirations the client wanted us to explore was pen and ink illustration and hand lettering.

The brand would consist of rugged, outdoor-centric photography, while still keeping an edgy look and feel. The messaging was aimed at being welcoming and warm, which would be nicely complimented by the cool tones of the Porchlight color palette.

After the initial mood boards were shown to the client and a direction was chosen, we dove deep into the sketching phase; exploring various weights of line work, and sketching with various-sized sharpies to get the perfect stroke weight. The collective opinion was the thicker the better.

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